Based in Miami, The Lounge Design is a one-stop luxury rental company specializing in unique furniture, accessories, and props to create a showstopping wedding celebration in Florida and beyond. We chatted with President of The Lounge Design, Rafael López, to learn more about the company’s furniture collections, custom pieces, and the details couples and event designers should pay attention to when selecting wedding rentals.

GO: What are some of the furniture and/or décor styles you have in your inventory?
A: Our furniture is designed taking into consideration the quality and style that is needed to obtain durability in each assembly. We have the most styles from the avant-garde designs to the classics that never go out of style.

GO: Are there any specific pieces that are especially popular right now?
A: The most popular pieces now are textures such as velvet, thread, and different fabric blends.

GO: What areas do you service?
A: Our services are offered throughout the United States, through Florida, in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. As for our clients, the majority are coordinators, producers, promoters, and event decorators.

GO: Do you offer any custom designs?
A: Our company offers all kinds of custom designs. In addition, we sell wholesale pieces for hotels, decorators, and create props for all types of events.

GO: How involved are you with the wedding design process?
A: As for the design, my responsibility is to create and establish the areas that will be used in each event and harmonize each piece that will be used in those areas.

GO: What should a couple or event designer consider when deciding what type of furniture and rentals to select?
A: To select the appropriate furniture for an event, the couple or the event designer must consider the space, season, theme, and colors desired.

GO: Do you have any favorite wedding décor trends at the moment?
A: As for wedding furniture, my current favorite trends are pieces in pink, blush, white, and beige colors.

GO: What pieces are most essential for setting the foundation for the rest of the décor?
A: To establish the fundamental base of an event, instead of specific pieces, I would say the colors, the theme, the details, and the magic touch that will give what to speak to every guest.

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