love storyA symbol of eternal love; a precious memory of historical love stories; fire of gemstones that have kept secrets of forbidden romances; sentimental language of gems; passionate lovers separated by distance or death. What could exactly represent all the nuances of these feelings? What is the best way to depict all details – literature,

1 Dior Small Rose Pré Catelan Ring. 2 De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Earrings in White Gold. 3 De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Fancy Pink Earrings. 4 Graff Duet Arrow Wraparound Diamond Bangle in White Gold. 5 Graff Duet Pavé Diamond Bangle in White Gold.The bride and groom gift exchange is a tradition

Diamonds & High Jewelry from Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

Wanting to please his mother, 19-year-old Roma Lansky envisioned a pair of earrings that would highlight her best qualities. He sketched out his design idea,

When private jeweler and curator Gerard Riveron sets his sights on a certain collection, it’s because those pieces were created by an independent fine jewelry

Heirloom jewelry is a common component within wedding stories, as many families have treasured belongings that are often passed down to a bride or groom.

Ever since their origin in 16th century Europe, watches have become a treasured heirloom, often passed down through generations. A luxury timepiece is the perfect

As one of three French brands represented exclusively by private jeweler and curator, Gerard Riveron, Umane Paris has held its “Joaillerie de France” label since