Every design scheme begins by setting the perfect foundation. With hand-sourced furniture, tabletop accessories, and unique décor, Theoni Collection is dedicated to providing couples and designers with a beautifully curated array of high-end event rentals. From lanterns and candelabras, to napkin rings and farm tables, Theoni Collection is a tabletop stylist’s dream with locations in San Francisco, Napa, and Beverly Hills. Learn more about the collection below:

GO: What are some of the furniture and/or décor styles you have in your inventory?
A: The collection is influenced by a love of timeless traditions, old-world European style, contemporary classics, and an unrelenting belief in quality. By combining craftsmanship of both nationally and globally recognized artisans, our goal is to integrate your lifestyle with your celebration. Our rentals comprise a full array from traditional and contemporary designs, to a fresh and eclectic, innovative look at classic European styles

GO: Are there any specific pieces that are especially popular right now?
A: Our colorful collections by Robert Haviland & C. Parlon have been a signature tabletop choice. From our furniture collections, the Gramercy chairs are uniquely “Theoni”; and our Hamilton table, which was released in 2019 and comes in a white wash and black, has become increasingly popular.

GO: What areas do you service?
A: We currently service all 48 contiguous states as well as Mexico and Canada. We have design showrooms in Napa, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Our Santa Barbara design studio is by appointment only.

GO: Do you offer any custom designs?
A: Although we do not offer custom designs at this time, our collection is thoughtfully curated with hand-picked items that can enhance a diverse variety of event styles.

GO: How involved are you with the wedding design process?
A: Our Event Stylists bring creativity, guidance, and energy to your event design experience. Whether you just need assistance putting together an order or want to roll up your sleeves and create something unique and over-the-top, our stylists help to curate all the details that go into creating truly exceptional tabletops and event scapes.

GO: What should a couple or event designer consider when deciding what type of furniture and rentals to select?
A: They should first consider the color scheme and a vibe/theme of the event that they are hoping to portray. From there, our Event Stylists are great at looking at the venue or event space and suggesting pieces that embody their vision.

GO: Do you have any favorite wedding décor trends at the moment?
A: Well, the Los Angeles look is different from the Napa and the San Francisco look, yet we love them both! We try to portray both classic and up to date trends in all our showrooms. We particularly like looks that put contemporary twists on traditional classics.

GO: What pieces are most essential for setting the foundation for the rest of the décor?
A: From our experience, chairs are what strike the eye first. We find that it’s important that the foundation pieces (tables and chairs) complement the setting