Any Real Housewives fan will be familiar with wedding planner Kevin Lee and his love for everything “shi, shi, shi.” Kevin, however, had built up a roster of celebrity clientele and high-profile Hollywood events long before Lisa Vanderpump hired him to plan a fairytale wedding for her daughter, Pandora. We chatted with the planning extraordinaire to get an idea of his inspiration, signature aesthetic, and what couples can expect when working with Kevin Lee Weddings.

GO: How would you sum up your personal design style?
A: Amorphous. I'm always opulent, but I never stick to one style. I can effortlessly predict the next vibes.

GO: What prompted you to start a career in the wedding and event industry?
A: Because I like opulence!

GO: What should couples expect when working with you?
A: Couples should expect to have their abstract vision brought to fruition through a tangible experience.

GO: What are your favorite types of flowers or décor elements to use?
A: I don't have any, because every vision requires a different vibe. All of mother nature is beautiful

GO: What flowers or details mesh well with any type of wedding style?
A: They all work; you have to know what to do with them.

GO: Where do you get your inspiration when creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements or wedding décor schemes?
A: I get inspired by haute couture and the ever-evolving world around me.GO: Are there any current trends you're implementing into your weddings?
A: Recently, mother nature's natural opulence to incorporate a horticultural aesthetic.

GO: Describe one of the best events you've designed.
A: I orchestrated a wedding for a high-profile client where the signature piece for the event was a floral interpretation of the Hollywood Bowl