Known as “The Makers of Magic,” the Erganic Design team consists of a talented group of architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers – the ultimate trifecta for captivating guests with a truly mesmerizing experience. Erganic Design is based in NYC, offering its services to weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions throughout the Big Apple and beyond. Led by founder and creative director, Sojourner Auguste, this luxury design firm benefits from Sojourner’s Architecture degree from Cornell University (along with 15+ years of retail architecture experience) and instinctive knowhow for giving her clients an enjoyable planning process.

We had a chat with Sojourner to learn more about her company and what couples can expect when enlisting the help of Erganic Design.

GO: How would you describe your wedding planning style?
A: Relaxed and laser focus is our approach to planning. At first glance, that may seem like two opposites, but in actuality this is a perfect match. My job is to create a road map of the months that lay ahead, so that the couple can enjoy each planning milestone, and really focus on what we're doing at each phase. This allows the couple (and my team) to give the appropriate attention to each phase of planning, so we can curate the details and create something really special. This reduces the stress/worry about "what's next" and we can be in the moment.

GO: What are some of your favorite aspects of planning a couple’s big day?
A: Designing the stationery and any other paper ephemera, along with creating touches to complement table decor details, are the favorites. There are so many ways to elevate table decor (beyond just the amazing florals). We show our couples how to personalize the guests' dining experience, with little touches that will go a long way.

GO: What is your opinion on wedding trends vs classic décor?
A: Both have a special place in my heart. It truly depends on the couple, their style, their aesthetic, etc. Sometimes it makes more sense to create a wedding design with some of the current trends, because it fits the couple. In other cases, classic is the way to go. And there have been weddings where we created a classic look, but added pops of unexpected trendy details.

GO: Is there an ideal amount of time a couple should dedicate to planning their wedding?
A: Nine months to a year is ideal, although we've worked with shorter (and longer) time frames. The shortest time frame was 8 weeks. We're not promoting couples to wait that long, but we've done it.

GO: What wedding details are often overlooked when planning a wedding and designing the décor?
A: The linens, place setting and chairs are often overlooked. Just because the venue may come with inhouse options, does not mean you have to use them. Layering a textured linen with a unique charger plate, utensils, glassware, and a stylish chair, ups the ante big time! This is where you can really stimulate the visuals of the wedding design.

GO: Aside from having a large budget, what transforms a “standard” wedding into a memorable, luxury event?
A: Having thoughtful visual and experiential concepts interspersed throughout the wedding will transform it. We create the look and feel of an entire event. The “Look and Feel” of an event is beyond just the initial visual as you enter a room. It is about the flow of each room, a dramatic and comfortable layout, and the layering of form, texture, and color to create an overall experience for the senses.

From interactive food presentations that play a part of the overall wedding design concept (think enchanted forest wedding, with an oversized "living" tree handing out specialty cocktails or food), to engaging guests with theatrical and playful moments (a telephone booth that tells the guest where they are seated), the goal is to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. There are so many ways to do this.

GO: What can a couple expect when working with you as their wedding planner?
A: We're taking this journey together! My team and I are here for you, and along the way, we're going to have a great time! There are a lot of decisions and details to review and consider, and we know how to keep everything on track, while giving our couples the space to enjoy their engagement. In short, we get stuff done, and we have fun doing it!

GO: Do you have any advice for couples who are going through the wedding planning process?
A: Be true to yourself. If you want to have a lavish pink wedding with all roses, do it. If you don't want a white dress, and want to wear color, do it. We are a sounding board and sometimes a mirror for our couples. If we think they are not staying true to themselves, we'll help them course correct, and truly have the wedding of their dreams. The idea is to have no regrets!

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