The wedding planning process can be a long process that is as overwhelming as it is exciting. However, for some couples, the wedding planning experience also presents an opportunity to collaborate with top luxury planners like JoAnn Gregoli. As the owner of Elegant Occasions By JoAnn Gregoli, JoAnn has a level of passion, empathy, and talent that extends far beyond the world of luxury weddings and events. From New York City to Rome – and everything in between – her skill and expertise in creating dream weddings is second to none.

Get to know JoAnn in our exclusive Q&A chat below.

GO: How would you describe your wedding planning style?

A: I would say that we specialize in creating weddings characterized by timeless elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. Our wedding style often incorporates luxurious elements such as lush floral arrangements, opulent decor, and exquisite table settings. Our designs are known for their refined aesthetic, combining classic elements with modern touches to create a truly unforgettable experience for couples and their guests. Whether it's a grand ballroom affair or an intimate garden wedding, we are adept at crafting events that reflect the unique personalities and visions of each couple while maintaining an overarching sense of grace and refinement.

GO: What are some of your favorite aspects of planning a couple’s big day?

A: I personally love the creative collaboration with my couples, bringing their vision to life through innovative ideas and design concepts. This collaboration allows for a personalized and unique wedding that reflects the couple's style and personality.

I also enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level and forming lasting connections that extend beyond the wedding day. Some of my lifelong friends are my past wedding couples. These people become friends for life.

GO: What is your opinion on wedding trends vs classic décor?

A: Wedding trends offer excitement and innovation, while classic weddings provide a sense of timeless beauty and tradition. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the couple's personal style, preferences, and vision for their special day. Some couples may opt for a blend of both, incorporating classic elements with trendy accents to create a unique and memorable wedding experience.

GO: Is there an ideal amount of time a couple should dedicate to planning their wedding?

A: You should start planning your wedding about one year in advance, which allows for more flexibility in booking desired venues and vendors. It gives the couple ample time to make decisions without feeling rushed. However, if you're planning a smaller or less elaborate wedding, you may be able to condense this timeline accordingly and six months may be more than enough time.

GO: What wedding details are often overlooked when planning a wedding and designing the décor?

A: Some of the most commonly overlooked aspects are wedding contingencies, which would impact the overall design of the ceremony, along with power requirements. When you are planning an elaborate wedding, knowing the power needs and power available to you is critical in making this a successful event.

GO: Aside from having a large budget, what transforms a “standard” wedding into a memorable, luxury event?

A: Transforming a standard wedding into a luxury wedding involves investing in the finest quality vendors, services, and amenities to create a truly unforgettable and indulgent celebration of love and commitment. Remember that the smallest details make the biggest impact.

GO: What can a couple expect when working with you as their wedding planner?

A: Couples can expect professionalism, creativity, and unparalleled expertise when working with Joann Gregoli as their wedding planner. With her guidance and support, they can rest assured that their wedding will be a truly unforgettable and magical experience. With years of experience behind her she can make the impossible happen.

GO: Do you have any advice for couples who are going through the wedding planning process?

A: Be sure to approach the wedding planning process with patience, communication, and a sense of joy, so you can create a beautiful and memorable celebration that reflects your unique love story. It’s important that amidst all the planning and excitement, you don't lose sight of the true meaning behind your wedding day: celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Keep the focus on what truly matters and cherish every moment together.

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