Founded by award-winning filmmaker, Joseph Minasi, Joseph Minasi Studios has built a reputation for capturing the most beautiful wedding moments for discerning clientele. For Jennifer Parker and Sunny Kakwani’s New York wedding, featured in our current Spring/Sumer 2018 print issue, the lavish multi-day event was commemorated with a stunning compilation video below.

Like many great twenty-first century love stories, this one began on the Internet. Jennifer Parker and Sunny Kakwani matched online back in 2014. Though their virtual connection was immediate and strong, Jen and Sunny waited a couple weeks before meeting in person. “By the time we actually met face-to-face, there was a lot of anticipation and internal excitement,” Jen says.

After meeting for a cocktail at a speakeasy, that initial online connection was confirmed. “I knew there was magic there,” Jen says. The magic continued while visiting Jen’s family in Portland. On a perfect morning, the couple headed over to the city’s famed Rose Garden, one of Jen’s favorite spots. At the garden, Sunny led her down a path to a breathtaking vista looking out at Mt. Hood. In that stunning setting, he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

“Time froze. I burst into a smile-cry and nodded ‘Yes,’” she says. “I soon noticed all of my loved ones emerge from their hiding spots with cheers, tears and hugs. It was so thoughtfully planned—an incredibly special moment he gave me.”

Coming from very different backgrounds—Sunny is of Sindhi heritage and was born in New Delhi and grew up in New York, while Jen was raised by a Christian family in Oregon—Jen worked hard to plan an Indian wedding that was authentic to both her and her future husband. Having only attended a few South Asian wedding celebrations, she researched ceremony, décor, dress, food, dance and all of the other elements of a traditional Hindu wedding. Family members and mixed cultural couple friends—along with an incredible team of vendors—helped them put together a personal and unforgettable celebration...

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