Suzanne Delawar Studios is the next chapter of a phenomenal family business. With an impressive roster of clients including Ed Sheeran, Jamie Foxx, Pharrell Williams, Pitbull and Justin Bieber, Suzanne Delawar Studios has become the go-to photography and cinematography company for some of the world’s biggest stars.

Originally founded by Suzanne’s father, Winston Delawar, the father-daughter duo’s segue into the celebrity world was “totally accidental.” During his years as a professional photographer, Winston decided to collaborate with a small independent filmmaker, free of charge. “I just wanted to help,” he explains. “That’s when I learned my first lesson about this industry – everybody knows somebody.” Within a month, Winston received a call from the Kardashians’ team to work on their television shows. The rest is history, and he would often pull Suzanne out of her high school classes early so she could assist onset.

The signature Delawar Studios aesthetic revolves around quality photo editing and approaching wedding photography as art. Suzanne also excels at infusing a great deal of personality and fun into her photographs and videos, in addition to capturing the style and romance of a couple’s special day. “We try to do a handful of pictures that are just different,” Winston describes. “We want to exceed expectations, and we go for things that are trending.” One of these trends includes a “mannequin challenge” wedding video, which went viral online and received more than 13 million views.

In terms of offering advice to novice photographers, Winston advises being in the right place at the right time. “If I want to raise cattle, I’m not going to stay in Ft. Lauderdale,” he laughs. “After a certain point, all you’ll need is internet and an airport. But until then, you have to go where the work is.” Most importantly, he urges photographers to focus on maintaining a high level of discretion and loyalty towards their clients. “It’s not about the money,” he states. “You need to be loyal to the core.”

Despite the oversaturated wedding photography industry, Suzanne Delawar Studios managed to rise to the top and attract celebrity clientele based on pure work ethic and a positive attitude. “Every single client, no matter what they paid, we went above and beyond for them,” says Winston. “We recognized our role and privilege in being part of their big day. Great products sell themselves. Make people look good, and you’ll always be busy as a photographer.”

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>Written by: Lauren Malamala