From photographing a select number of beautiful couples per year, to capturing incredible images for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style during New York Bridal Fashion Week, one thing is certain – we can’t get enough of Josh Wong’s work. Learn more about this in-demand photographer (and founder of Josh Wong Photography) in our exclusive Q&A session below.

GO: How did you get started in photography and what compelled you to work within the wedding niche?
A: The beauty of photography started when I first saw an image of Yosemite's Half Dome by Ansel Adams. [Pictured below.

Perhaps Ansel's most famous piece of art, his masterpiece really inspired me to learn all I could from Ansel’s particular method of photographing and developing. As time went on, I took his methods and eventually started photographing people. I instantly fell in love with capturing organic and raw emotions of people – NOT the "smile and say cheese" type, but the true love and emotion that people can share with one another. That being said, wedding photography was the natural direction.

GO: How would you describe your photography style?
A: My style of photography has evolved over the years. Currently I would say the style is a blend of edgy, organic, fashion, and editorial

GO: Do you pose and instruct couples on what to do during a photo session?
A: Most definitely, YES. Even when I am photographing professional models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, they require some kind of instruction and inspiration. While professional models are capable of doing their own thing most of the time, photographers still need to make micro adjustments in order to accomplish the looks. When it comes to regular couples, they definitely do not know what to do, so posing, directing and instruction is key.

GO: What are your favorite moments to capture during the wedding day?
A: Favorite moments during the wedding day are 1) First look / reveal, whether it is staged somewhere or walking down the aisle for the first time, 2) First dance, 3) Father/Daughter dance, 4) Ceremony if there are personal vows, because personal vows create so much emotion.

GO: How far in advance should a couple reach out to you if they wish to book you for their wedding?

A: On average, 10-14 months in advance. But that doesn't mean I am not available, or dates are not available. Circumstances change all the time, so it never hurts to inquire. Associate photographers are always available if I am not. Celebrity weddings generally happen extremely fast – within a 3-month range, so your dates always have to remain open.

GO: What advice do you have for couples who are searching for a wedding photographer?
A: The most important aspect is to completely trust and have an open mind with your photographer. Love their body of work and make sure your personalities are compatible. Look for artists that do not have too many repetitive photos.

GO: Aside from weddings, are there any other types of photography you enjoy?
A: I love street, photojournalism, and editorial fashion. With the advent of drones, aerial photography is rising on my list. Of course, I always incorporate all the skills into whatever I photograph.