Venturing to a tropical island in the Caribbean is a dream in and of itself. Staying at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla, however, elevates the experience even more. With a sleek and elegant design, superb location, and exceptional amenities, the resort’s remarkable façade is matched only by its warm and welcoming service. Factor in three pools, two beaches, a full-service spa, and a myriad of activities for guests of all ages, and Four Seasons Anguilla is the perfect location for a destination wedding.

From the moment guests arrive, they’re met with an array of activities to fill their day. Aside from lounging by the pools or beach, there’s a fitness center offering yoga, Pilates, and other classes. An onsite sports pavilion is available with tennis, basketball courts, and a rock climbing wall, making it the ultimate adult playground. The spa is also a popular haunt, with the Deep Sea Massage being a favorite. Indulging in a massage with the doors open is pure bliss, as the only thing one can hear are the waves lapping below.

Sunset Lounge is a destination unto itself, boasting an open-air bar with 20-foot ceilings and views of the Caribbean Sea – the ideal spot for welcome cocktails. “As the name projects, it’s known for incredible sunsets,” says Tekeyo Bodie, Director of Events at Four Seasons Anguilla. “It’s romantic and fun and active. There’s nightly entertainment by local bands and an outstanding DJ on Thursday nights. It’s definitely the heart of the resort.”

For rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches, SALT restaurant serves up a delectable buffet with views of the sea. “Many guests comment that they feel they are on a cruise ship, because the water is simply floating below,” Tekeyo states. “At night, the restaurant transitions into a different vibe with dramatic lighting and music. SALT offers an excitingly unique take on Caribbean cuisine, where Anguilla’s history takes center stage among the modern twists of the culinary presentation. For many years, salt exportation was the major income for many islanders, and Anguilla was known as the largest exporter of salt in the Caribbean. The restaurant now serves salt that is harvested in Anguilla and flavored by our chefs.”

Four Seasons Anguilla can accommodate weddings up to 250 with contemporary beachfront and bluff-top villas, sophisticated townhomes, and lavish resort residences providing the most sumptuous spaces for couples and guests to stay. Villas can sleep up to a dozen guests, and the suites are perfect for couples. From intimate elopements to over-the-top resort buyouts, Four Seasons caters to any affair.

Couples may choose from a selection of scenic venues for their ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour including rooftop penthouses, villas, ocean terraces, and poolside locations – all, showcasing the natural beauty of the island. “The beach is usually the most popular for smaller weddings,” Tekeyo adds, “but our Sunset Terrace is probably second most popular, as it’s on our bluff with panoramic views. Our dedicated romance specialists work with the couples to find the perfect location based upon their dreams.”

More than anything, guests of Four Seasons Anguilla will note how the staff is genuinely kind and hospitable, which Tekeyo credits to both their training and culture. “The Anguillans are incredibly gracious and loving,” he says. “They are hospitality pros, even when they’re not wearing a uniform.”

When couples travel off the beaten path to give their guests a destination wedding in a place like Anguilla, it becomes an experience unlike any other. “It’s a truly magical island,” Tekeyo describes. “The water is bluer. The sand is white. The palm trees always seem to sway to the rhythm of the sea. The architecture of this resort is also very noteworthy. It’s not your typical ‘tropical’ design. The Italian white marble travertine design is breathtaking. No money was spared in creating this resort. It truly is a beauty in design, but the employees breathe life into it and make our guests want to return.”