Based in Miami, Florida, BE Social Events specializes in the design and production of incredible weddings around the world. Owners, Corinne Abuaram and Al Davis share more about their work and what inspires them when creating the perfect wedding for their clients.

GO: How would you sum up your personal design style?
CA: Clean cut and modern. The sleeker, the better.
AD: Taking it to the edge and then just falling back a tad.

GO: What should couples expect when working with you?
CA: I pride myself on my professionalism, strong design skills, and being someone who believes in the importance of every detail. My job isn’t complete without listening to my client’s wishes and making them come to life.
AD: I am one who listens and will provide the time needed by my clients. I am just as passionate about the event as you are and deliver more than discussed.

GO: What are your favorite types of flowers or décor elements to use?
CA: In my eyes, there is nothing more beautiful than orchids. Calla Lilies of all colors are a pleasure to work with. The sleek style and color callas bring to an arrangement is divine. I work often with lush, romantic florals such as true garden roses and peonies as well. I always find a way to incorporate mirror and acrylic elements into my designs.
AD: Open garden roses, peonies, antique hydrangea, anything with a berry or seed for texture, variegated ivy, any flower branch for height and color. Lighting is KEY. Lighting creates that illusion of grandness at any budget. A ballroom or event space looks very different when you add textured light and washes onto elements – certain areas POP out and certain areas are hidden. A good lighting designer can do wonders!

GO: What flowers or details mesh well with any type of wedding style?
CA: Orchids complement all wedding styles. The multiple shades and types of orchids allow for you to always have a reason to use them in your design.
AD: For modern atmospheres, it’s all about simplicity – glass, steel, simplicity which is truly not easy to pull off, as it’s more about the details.

GO: Where do you get your inspiration when creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements or wedding décor schemes?
CA: I find my inspiration through the art found in the fashion world. The textures of the clothing and the color schemes found in the high-end fashion shows spark my creative mind as I design a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement.
AD: It’s all the client’s vision with my guidance and that “Al Davis twist.” Once an inspiration is given by the client, I will research the heart and soul of the theme.

GO: Are there any current trends you’re implementing into your weddings?
CA: I adore textural elements. I find myself implementing velvet into many of my designs and all throughout the year. The fabrication allows for a modernized elegant and classic appeal to the design.
AD: Yes, I call it the “AL DAVIS.” You’ll find a mix of elements you’d never think to incorporate in a wedding design. For example, I often work with steel and transform the design into a romantic atmosphere

GO: Describe one of the best events you’ve designed.
CA: I take pride in all of my designs. It is difficult to just speak of one. Recently, I designed the wedding of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’Oir. This loving couple gave me the creative freedom to take their wedding design to the next level as they forced me to step out of my comfort zone in many ways. Each and every aspect of the event, from our first meeting to the last detail placed in the venue, was filmed for their documentary series “The Mane Event.” We designed this wedding to be as grand and extravagant as our client. The ceremony aisle was set in a fashion show seating as the guests faced the runway aisle filled with crystals and florals. The ceremony was set on a sleek stage hosting a 30’+ floral wall. The couple vowed their love for one another on our custom built crystal chandelier structure. Walking into what seemed like cloud nine, the all-white affair was accented with mirror elements. A custom crystal and floral throne for the bride and groom to eat their first meal as husband and wife was designed fit for royalty. Elements such as floral chandelier centerpieces, custom 15’ chandeliers from the ceiling, and an abundance of white florals elegantly completed the wedding, creating the ultimate atmosphere for our clients.
AD: That’s truly a hard question, as they are all the BEST. As long as my clients are thrilled and I have exceeded their expectations, I have done my job well.