• Photography By:

    Stanlo Photographer

    Stephanie Nazaire & Herbert St. Fleur

    December 11, 2021 in Miami, FL

    Stephanie Nazaire and Herbert St. Fleur shared several mutual friends, but never really spoke – not until Stephanie made a social media post that said, “I like them tall, dark, and handsome; but knowing God, he likes to play sometimes.” “It was supposed to be one of those funny Christian posts,” she explains. “But shortly after, Herb made his way to my DMs with the corniest response: ‘I heard you like your men crispy lol’ (as in dark).

    It was such a bad joke, I felt compelled to respond and tell him so. We continued to talk for a few days and, in between, he asked me out. I stalled a bit, not knowing if he was crazy. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve morning, when he invited me to a party and I declined, as I usually attended church on New Year’s Eve.

    “Our rooftop ceremony looked like a scene from Olympus draped in white and gold.”

    In addition, this particular NYE, I was visiting a new church for their launch night. I told him that if he was truly interested in a date with me, he could join me for NYE service. I assumed he wouldn’t come considering he had plans. To my surprise, Herb got there before me. In that setting, we prayed together, which I believe due to the setting, allowed us to be vulnerable without hesitation.”

    After the two rang in the new year together and the church service ended, Stephanie asked Herb if he was heading to the party. “Yes, unless you have something in mind,” he replied. She did. They both got into their separate cars and went to the beach, where they had “the most authentic conversation” while walking along the shore. Herb was the perfect gentleman, carrying Stephanie’s shoes and giving her his jacket. They spoke every day after that night and, very shortly after, Herb asked Stephanie to be his girlfriend.

    It was two-and-a-half years later, during Covid-19, when Herb forced his then-girlfriend to get out of the house on July 5th. Stephanie preferred to stay home during that time, but Herb convinced her to return to the sushi restaurant, where they became an official couple.

    “I didn’t think much of it,” she says, “because we both loved sushi. After dinner, I asked him if we could get dessert, as I was enjoying his company. He said, ‘Yes, I know just the place.’ I usually ask a ton of questions, but I was just excited to be getting some sweets. Don’t judge me lol. We got there, and as we were walking to the dessert shop, I saw the most romantic setup that looked like a proposal was about to happen. There were candles, balloons, flowers, a photographer and a violinist. I stopped, looked at him, and said, ‘Babe, let’s go eavesdrop for a minute and you should take note.’ He rolled his eyes and said ‘Sure’ and followed me over.”

    “Even though I stopped walking, Herb didn’t,” she continues. “I asked him to stop, as we didn’t want to invade this couple’s space. Especially during covid. I finally looked up and saw the face of the photographer, whom we had used before, and then saw someone run from behind a tree and start recording. I was in total shock. Unbeknownst to me, Herb had the perfect evening and proposal in place.”

    The wedding planning process was a bit stressful for the couple, which Stephanie says was “due to our crazy Caribbean families.” But throughout it all, Tica Rose Events provided all the support they needed over the next 18 months for an Olympus inspired rooftop wedding in Miami.

    “She over-prepared us and coached us financially and emotionally for the planning phase and our big day,” says Stephanie. “Our wedding day was a dream come true! We were both very nervous but very certain at the same time. We just needed God’s blessing. Our rooftop ceremony looked like a scene from Olympus draped in white and gold. It was breathtaking. Just heavenly. The reception décor took our breath away as every dimension of what was once a blank canvas was covered with white hydrangea, gold plating, hints of emerald green and so much more. Above all, He found ‘his good thing and gained favor’ and I gained a husband.”


    Planning & Event Design: Tica Rose Events, Miami, FL; Photography: Stanlo Photographer, Miami, FL