• Photography By:

    Genevieve De Manio Photography


    June 28, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts

    Meredith Haas and David Weinreb first met during an “almost” blind date in January of 2011–that is, they had only seen each other’s pictures on Facebook. Sitting at the back of a dark bar in SoHo and drinking sangria, they talked about various topics including Meredith’s obsession for an Eames Lounge Chair, which they eventually purchased as a wedding gift for themselves three-and-a-half years later.

    The proposal took place in 2013, when Meredith and Dave planned a date night together. “He told me to come up to the roof of our building to have a drink, where he stood in a suit with flowers, champagne, and a photographer,” Meredith explains. “After, we were picked up to go to dinner, but Dave suggested we stop to see his family first, because his mom had just gotten out of the hospital after having ankle surgery.” When she opened the door to his house, her parents were there along with his parents, and the engagement was coupled with “an incredible catered dinner at home.”


    When it comes to wedding planning, Meredith says, “As the daughter of the ‘Best of Boston Wedding Planner,’ I have to admit I was extremely spoiled in this process.”

    The wedding day was met with beautiful weather, and the bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with friends and family. “Dave estimated that if our wedding reception went from 8pm to 1am, we’d have 300 minutes to speak to 247 guests, leaving just over a minute per person,” says the bride. “So instead, we spent the entire night on the dance floor together and let guests come dance with us. We enjoyed every second of it.”

    Their wedding décor was a mix of modern and traditional influences, with a touch of the unexpected. Younger guests were seated at mirrored white tables underneath wrought iron chandeliers filled with flowers, creating a loft-like feel on the upper level of Space 57. The head table was glass with a layer of cut hedge underneath, and flanked by traditional round tables seating the older guests. A white dance floor had a simple grey border, while Swarovski crystal pipe chandeliers hung overhead. 

    Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with a ceviche bar featuring scallops, halibut and red snapper, along with garnishes such as avocado, sweet corn, and scallions. The couple decided to forgo a wedding cake and, instead, had numerous desserts passed around with roaming candy carts filled with their favorite sweets. As the night progressed, ice cold mini Gatorade bottles were served during the dance set, and concluded with Auntie Anne’s cinnamon and sugar pretzels being served to guests on their way out–a staple to the bride’s diet, as her dad had owned an Auntie Anne’s franchise since 2003.

    To say their wedding day was eventful would be an understatement. Dave had just finished his vows that morning, forgotten the marriage certificate, paramedics showed up due to a guest fainting, and Dave decided to claim to the entire family that Meredith was pregnant while signing the Ketubah. According to the newlyweds, however, “We were absolutely elated at the end of our wedding day, and wouldn’t have had it any other way.”


    Location: Revere Hotel, Boston, MA; Caterer: Max Ultimate Food, Boston, MA; Planner: Janie Haas Events, Boston, MA; Floral Design: Marc Hall Design, Boston, MA; Entertainment: Project Orange, New York, NY