• Photography By:

    Kris Kan Photography

    Melody Mirzakhani & Denis Barsamian

    January 29, 2022 in Los Angeles, California

    “Denis and I ended up meeting and hanging out for the first time at his best friend’s house,” says Melody Mirzakhani, recalling how she and Denis Barsamian instantly had a connection. “Even though we were really young at the time, we knew very quickly that we both enjoyed each other’s company. After spending some more time with each other, we knew that we wanted to pursue something further and we could both see each other in our futures.”

    The two teens eventually started dating and learned a lot about each other throughout their high school years. Not only was it fun to grow up as high school sweethearts, but it was special to have shared so many memories together as well.


    When the time came to propose, Denis planned an elaborately coordinated flash mob with his friends. Melody describes it as “the funniest and sweetest proposal I could ever imagine,” perfectly representing Denis’ goofy personality. It was the perfect way to kick off the couple’s wedding experience, leading up to a wintry January celebration.

    “I wanted our wedding day to feel whimsical, magical, and truly like a winter wonderland,” Melody describes. “I was inspired by freshly fallen snow in the winter time, and I wanted to accurately capture the feeling of wonder that freshly fallen snow brings, which is why we went for an all-white theme. In every way possible, we wanted our guests to feel like they were walking into a white winter wonderland. We went with all-white florals and decor, as well as an all-white venue with lots of dim, romantic lighting. The effect was truly stunning!”

    There was so much beauty in the details of Denis and Melody’s winter wonderland wedding. From the ice sculptures at the entrance, to the thank you cards, to the elaborate floral installation suspended from the ceiling, to candlelit tablescapes – everything turned out just as the couple had envisioned.

    “We could not have been more thankful for all the hard work that was put into decorating the venue,” Melody adds. “The florals done by Dolce Fiore and their team took the design to another level. We wanted everyone to truly feel the joy that the season always brings, and I truly believe our guests felt that joyful, magical feeling of the winter time on our wedding night.”

    The bride chose three different bridal looks to change into throughout the wedding day. All three gowns were custom made by European designers, starting with a ceremony dress designed by Ruben Hernandez in Spain. He and Melody worked together for months to ensure each detail of the gown was executed correctly.

    “I wanted a dress that was timeless and effortlessly chic,” she explains, “which Ruben and his team completed amazingly. I also wore a dress in the morning made by Vlora Mustafa that was absolutely stunning; and my fun reception dress was created by Valdrin Sahiti. Denis’ looks were both done by William from William and Company in Los Angeles. William helped us create a unique and perfectly tailored tuxedo that was perfect for a groom on his wedding day. To this day, I still get butterflies thinking of Denis in his wedding day tuxedo.”

    For the bride, the most magical moment of the entire wedding day was the first dance.

    “I felt so much love from our friends and family during the dance, and it was one of the first moments of the day where it felt like we truly were able to let the reality of everything sink in,” she says. “We were also able to dance to a song that resonates so deeply with both of us, which made it even more special. We wouldn’t trade that moment for anything in the world and wish we could relish it forever!”

    The newlyweds honeymooned in St. Barts, where they stayed at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa. After celebrating all night with friends and family, it was a blissful treat to sit back, relax, and enjoy some pampering in their own little tropical haven.


    Planner: Mary Michelle Events, Burbank, CA; Floral Design: Docle Fiore, Glendale, CA; Photography: Kris Kan Photography, Glendale, CA 

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