Arguably, the two most memorable elements that will stay with wedding guests long term are the entertainment and the food. When it comes to the fare for your reception, plan carefully, plan accordingly and plan creatively.

Food is very much an art form and caterers have been playing up to that attribute. While taste is ultimately what matters, presentation is as important, establishing the relationship between the eye and the palate. A creative approach to food presentation—whether that be passed hors d’oeuvres, a sit-down dinner, or food stations—can elevate the experience to an entirely different level.

During the planning process, work with your caterer to customize the menu and include items that are available on a seasonal basis or you may even opt to incorporate regional or ethnic influences. Working a traditional family recipe into the menu could prove to be a pleasant surprise for guests.

Chefs are taking innovative approaches with tastes, textures, shapes and color, creating courses that set the stage for a gastronomic experience your guests will be sure to enjoy. Balance complements juxtaposition, creativity complements tradition, while appearance may complement flavors.

Ice bars featuring shrimp cocktail and oysters, vodka and caviar, or sorbets or other choices are becoming increasingly popular and often become focal points offering guests an opportunity to interact and break the ice.

Whatever your choices, make them without restrictions or limitations and think of the reception as your opportunity to host your guests as a couple for the first time offering them only the very best.