As one of the bridal world’s most sought-after fashion designers, wedding gowns by Galia Lahav have become synonymous with femininity, luxury, and an unabashedly sexy edge. Over the past 30 years, the bridal and evening couture design house has mastered the art of creating the most intricate and extravagant styles; and the story behind the Galia Lahav empire began decades ago in Ashdod, Israel.

Although it has been more than 30 years since Galia started her business, Sharon Sever joined the company ten years ago, completing the design team we know today. Their relationship dates back to middle school, when Galia was Sharon’s arts and crafts teacher, and the two were neighbors as well.

The dynamic partnership between Galia and Sharon is based on individual differences that, somehow, complement each other to perfection. Galia was born in Russia to a family of seamstresses, and is primarily self-taught. Sharon, however, was born in Israel, studied fashion in Paris, and apprenticed in several couture fashion houses such as Christian Lacroix, Alaia, and Balenciaga.

Working in sync, the designers have a common love for small detailing, gorgeous lace, and fabrics of the utmost quality. Their creative connection is almost uncanny, as Sharon often gravitates towards daring cuts and fabrics, while Galia may remain more conservative with her silhouettes. When the two to go Premiere Vision to choose fabrics together, however, it’s Galia who is “like a child in a candy shop,” with her designer senses awakened and ready to create something new and fresh.

Together, Galia and Sharon have succeeded in producing bridal gowns that not only exude sexiness and edge, but also look flattering and feel comfortable on a woman’s body. For the two best friends, their age difference and varying cultural backgrounds have been an absolute advantage, balancing each other out and giving rise to a unique fashion perspective – a combination of Middle Eastern earthiness and European luxury.

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