In anticipation of New York Bridal Fashion Week (Wedding Style coverage begins Thursday, October 4th – follow us on Instagram with the hashtag #GOWSNYBFW) we had a chat with Alison Miller, the creative force behind Monvieve. Here’s what’s in store for stylish brides in search of the perfect haute couture wedding veil.

GOWS: Where or whom did you draw inspiration from for this season?
A: After the usual trips to my Italian factories this season, I stopped in Naples and rediscovered Antonio Corradini’s work. I’ve always adored his veiled women, but this time was enamored by the singularity of tones that marble and terra cotta present. As a sculptor, your chosen medium is your color palette, and it suggested to me a new way seeing a veil. In support, I developed a proprietary pale beige colored tulle that looks exquisite with every skin tone. It has such a bespoke effect and is the freshest, chicest color I’ve seen in a while. We paired it with a specially curated beige toned Chantilly lace that is blended with the softest, subtlest rose gold. It creates this extraordinary, radiant sheen. Over an ivory gown it is supremely couture – absolutely extraordinary. I also developed other beige laces in support. Simply stated, this season is about a new color story… beige is the new ivory.

GOWS: What are some of your favorite veils in this collection and why?
A: The above-mentioned beige and rose gold veil hands down takes my breath away every time. Again, it’s all about the color.

GOWS: What trends are you looking forward to seeing on brides?
A: The biggest trend of the season is the cathedral veil— a la Meghan Markle. A royal wedding will always dictate…. and this will be the Duchess of Sussex’s signature contribution to the bridal industry. I’ll never tire of seeing one, as it is more of a staple than trend for me. A veil, especially cathedral length, is fundamentally timeless and unequivocally beautiful. And to witness a bride in a true cathedral is one of the most powerfully moving moments a wedding ceremony affords.

GOWS: Do you offer custom designs?
A: Yes. It is a common request. Interestingly, we get many brides who come to us before buying their gown. It is a significant point of differentiation from how most approach bridal dressing.

GOWS: Who and what inspires you as a designer?
A: My brides always inspire me as each one brings something new to the table. Beyond that, I see bridal as an extension of the Designer RTW and Couture world, which is where Monvieve was born. Therefore, I’ll always have a real reverence for some of the industry greats such as Balenciaga, Geoffrey Beene, Pauline Trigere and McQueen.

I’m also deeply inspired in my travels. Cross pollination via the dissemination of content across all channels affords the younger generations such a pioneering and disruptive way of interpreting their own style vernacular. Set against the backdrop of these unique cultures, it’s a stimulating cacophony that works its way into my sketchbooks.

As for what, I love architecture (in general) and in fashion— the sartorial construction behind a garment. How that translates to something as amorphous as a veil is another thing altogether. A veil elevates the bridal look through a kinetic play of form, space and movement. I always love to watch how the tulle submits to a bride as she walks. Stunning shapes and silhouettes. Ultimately, a veil is the perfect combination of the visual and emotional… inspiring moments of great beauty on both fronts.

GOWS: Who is your fashion icon?
A: There are a few, but it’s hard to beat the beloved Ms. Hepburn.

GOWS: Where is Monvieve showing at New York Bridal Fashion Week?
A: We have an event at The Baccarat and are taking market appointments in our showroom.