Known as “The Pride of Dallas,” Hotel Crescent Court exudes Southern charm that is quintessentially Texan. The luxurious Hotel Crescent has built a reputation for anticipatory service and hospitality, boasting 186 rooms and 40 lavish suites. From its 13 innovative dining outlets, to its award-wining spa, the Crescent offers world-class amenities in a swanky, uptown setting – most recently adding a new “Dressing-Room to Guest-Room” service in partnership with the country’s largest independent department store, Stanley Korshak.

Brides and guests seeking VIP treatment can now shop from the comfort of their own suites with an array of couture clothing, shoes, and accessories being delivered right to their rooms. Customers are free to try on a curated fashion selection at their leisure, keeping what they wish to purchase, and sending back any unwanted items. A tailor is also on-call, ensuring the perfect fit.

The Dressing-Room to Guest-Room service begins with a simple call to Hotel Crescent Court, after which the hotel will set an appointment upon request. Stanley Korshak will provide a stylist who will contact the guest prior to their arrival for a consultation and develop a style profile for that client including measurements, sizes, favorite fits, cuts, looks, color palettes, and designers.

Whether it’s a “daytime chic” or “black-tie glam” wedding, the stylist will pull a selection of couture clothing – complete with any necessary shoes and accessories – and hand-deliver them directly to the guest’s room or suite before they even check in to the hotel.

“Hotel Crescent Court’s design is inspired by the world of haute couture, avant-garde ideals, and its stunning architecture,” says Saun Lightbourne, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hotel Crescent Court. “The partnership with the hotel’s exclusive luxury retailer, Stanley Korshak, to pamper guests with lavish customer service, was a natural fit. “We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customization and flexibility to each guest and every group, and the Dressing-Room to Guest-Room program allows us to continue exceeding guests’ expectations while adding to their memories. Whether meeting for business, traveling for leisure, tying the knot, or attending a social event, luxury travelers will appreciate the unparalleled level of style and service.”