With photographs being the one tangible takeaway from a couple’s wedding day, it’s standard practice for photographers and videographers to capture every detail of the celebration. From wedding bands to table decor, a great deal of thought goes into planning each element. Of course, one of the most classic wedding day detail shots comes from the bridal suite during the getting ready process: a beautifully styled photograph of the wedding dress.

A properly photographed bridal gown will consist of an aesthetically pleasing background, lighting that brings out the dress details, and one particular accessory that some may overlook – the hanger itself. To ensure the perfect wedding day detail shots of a bride’s couture, Lou Hansell has created luxury bridal hangers intended to display every dream gown with intention and style. Just like every other aspect of the wedding day, these hangers are statement pieces that double as a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe.

The Inspiration

With the elegance of a wedding day in mind, Pamela Kugel – Co-founder and CEO of Lou Hansell – drew inspiration from her passion and impeccable detail and sustainable design.

“We wanted to bring beauty into wardrobes,” she shares, “while designing pieces that would last a lifetime. Our vision to bring this level of detail to brides and grooms was a natural extension of elevating some of the most important garments in one’s life.”

Crafting a Luxury Bridal Hanger

The making of each Lou Hansell bridal hanger is an impressive combination of artisanship and design, taking 15 hours of handwork. “Artisans forge the metal,” Pamela explains, “and then select a hook and base that are hand-polished and painted, pairing them together forever. Several pieces from the [Bridal] Collection are also wrapped by hand in Italian leather, which is a very involved and delicate process. As its final mark, each bridal hanger is inscribed with a serial number making each one unique as one’s wedding day.

Much like a fine piece of jewelry, Lou Hansell hangers are designed as life-long keepsakes to be passed down to the next generation. With the amount of care that goes into producing a single hanger, these luxury bridal hangers are quickly becoming a wedding day staple amongst discerning brides and fashion-forward clientele.

Wedding Day Detail Shots

Lou Hansell’s Bridal Collection was directly inspired by real brides, after Pamela noticed they were missing an elegant way to display and present their gowns. The quintessential “Lou Hansell bride” appreciates attention to detail – including those wedding day detail shots.

“Our brides desire to elevate their wedding gowns, suits and bridesmaid dresses with something as picturesque as the occasion calls for,” Pamela adds. “Transforming something into the extraordinary is why Lou Hansell exists, as we believe you should be surrounded by beauty in every way. The iconic shot of a wedding dress symbolizes the significance of a couple’s journey that is about to begin as it waits to be worn. We wanted to be able to give this beautiful image – and moment – every detail it deserves.”

Today, a growing number of brides and grooms are raving about how Lou Hansell hangers added a beautiful finishing touch to the iconic wedding day detail shots of their gowns and tuxedos.

Making Luxury Bridal Hangers Sustainable

As luxury brands push the boundaries as responsible partners for our planet, Lou Hansell prioritized its ethical and sustainable production practices from its inception. These are not hangers that are meant to be replaced or tossed after a few years. Instead, Lou Hansell has reimagined the humble hanger and transformed it into a mindfully made heirloom piece using sustainable materials.

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