Female empowerment has been an ever-present theme in recent pop culture, influencing artists in all industries from music to fashion. During the latest Fall 2018 Paris Couture Fashion Week runway shows, Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever presented their own interpretation of the concept by revealing their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection titled, “And God Created Woman.”

During the runway show, Galia and Sharon wanted their audience to feel the freedom, playfulness, and womanly allure of their designs. “With the French Riviera as a backdrop, this collection is rooted in vibrant tulles reminiscent of the seaside, and the colors and curves of floral patterns,” they describe. “In keeping with the style of abstract expressionism and Monet’s impressionism, And God Created Woman was designed with both small and large scale floral chiffon prints made from Sharon’s own watercolor drawings.”

Instead of the boldly sexy aesthetic of the Galia Lahav brand’s signature look, And God Created Woman consists of flirtatious and free silhouettes and shapes in a colorful palette of emerald green, ice pink, and denim blue. This rainbow is tempered by neutral colors like black and nude, purposefully added to ground the collection in the maturity of womanhood. A lineup of pieces such as jumpsuits, corset tops, and t-shirt dresses display everything from bold floral patterns to muted colors in flowing fabrics – a nod to the various phases of a woman’s evolution.

As the designer duo says, “And God Created Woman is designed for the Juliette Hardy within us, a woman who is adamant in celebrating her youth, expressing her inner beauty, and grasping her independence. The intent is for the wearer to be encouraged to blossom into her true self, to utilize the collection to showcase her self-expression and individuality; because she’s brave enough to do what she wants when she wants.”