Of all the Fall/Winter 2021 bridal collections that have been premiered this season through virtual fashion week events, “Touch” by Yolancris is perhaps the most dialed in when it comes to the world’s current state. Inspired by a new generation of women and brides-to-be, Yolanda Pérez – the creative director of Yolancris – created a bridal collection that embodies the most important themes and aspects that apply to today’s brides. With people around the globe simultaneously experiencing the same turbulent times and feelings of uncertainty, Yolancris has been very vocal about the importance of empathy, along with their commitment to sustainability within the fashion industry. The Touch collection represents Yolanda’s conviction that each bride should be true to her individual personality and style, and wear whatever she pleases on her wedding day.

“We look, but we don’t see. We need to touch to see. Touch to experiment, to be curious and to appreciate; to fall in love.”

It has been eight months since quarantine orders first began, and people have been missing physical contact and the ability to hug loved ones. Touch was born out of social empathy and ethics. Next year’s brides will ultimately be wearing wedding gowns and separates that represent social and environmental responsibility – not to mention, impeccable craftsmanship.

Yolancris has highlighted five key points about this new generation of bridal fashion and the strong sense of character that the Touch collection represents:

New generation, new look: A generation emerged from the pandemic, which does not discriminate between millennials or generation Z. We are talking about brave people with a strong desire to move forward. To make an effort to get to touch each other as we did before. In this sense, Touch shows the effort to give voice and visibility to this new generation – something that can be seen in the varied range of silhouettes, loose patterns and the complicity of accessories.
Plain fabrics that show their own richness and enhance the silhouette.
The incorporation of comfortable and natural footwear that accompanies this new generation’s attitude, adapted to the times.
Two-piece designs to re-style the wedding dress after the big day. (An easy way to “upcycle” ones wedding wardrobe.)
Femininity is celebrated with asymmetrical cut designs, open backs, and exquisite corsets.