One of the most fascinating aspects of fashion is what the inspiration is behind each creation. Since the launch of Galia Lahav’s latest Fall/Winter 2019 “Alegria” bridal collection, we caught up with head designer Sharon Sever to learn more about the inspiration behind this gorgeous lineup of wedding gowns.

GO: What is your favorite dress in this collection and why? 
A: All my children are equal; I can never choose. Each piece holds a very special element that is portrayed through my visions brought to life.

GO: What did you like about designing this collection? 
A: It started with a personal experience; therefore, each dress means something personal to me. 

GO: Where did you draw inspiration from for this season? 
A: For Gala – This collection is a Shakespearean fairytale. It's less about the world we know, and more about a vision of a real life fairytale bride.

For Alegria – Meaning “happiness” in Portuguese, the couture collection is inspired by a special moment in mind – the moment a bride glides down the aisle and imbues the room with her iridescent glow… her happiness

GO: What trends are you looking forward to seeing on brides?
A: I would like to see more brides who make their own choices and express their own personal taste, just as we keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends. This season, we are very much into warm tones of blush, metallic elements, celestial sparkle, and beaded textures. There is also a tendency towards very noble materials. Regal silks are making a comeback.

GO: Do you offer custom designs? 
A: Yes, something special about our designs is that each dress can be customized to the bride’s specific desires.

GO: Who and what inspires you as a designer? 
A: EVERYTHING. I choose to be inspired by everything around me. 

GO: Who is your fashion icon?
A: Queens of all eras and all areas. From Queen Elizabeth, to Marilyn Monroe, to Lady Gaga.

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